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Architects & Engineers
for 9/11 Truth

As seen in this revealing photo the Twin Towers' destruction exhibited all the characteristics of destruction by explosions:


Extremely rapid onset of “collapse”


Sounds of explosions at plane impact zone — a full second prior to collapse (heard by 118 first responders as well as by media reporters)


Observations of flashes (seen by numerous professionals)


Squibs, or “mistimed” explosions, 40 floors below the “collapsing” building seen in all the videos


Mid-air pulverization of all the 90,000 tons of concrete and steel decking, filing cabinets & 1000 people – mostly to dust


Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic dust clouds


Vertical progression of full building perimeter demolition waves


Symmetrical collapse – through the path of greatest resistance – at free-fall speed — the columns gave no resistance


1,400 foot diameter field of equally distributed debris – outside of building footprint


Blast waves blew out windows in buildings 400 feet away


Lateral ejection of thousands of individual 20 - 50 ton steel beams up to 500 feet


Total destruction of the building down to individual structural steel elements – obliterating the steel core structure.


Tons of molten Metal found by FDNY under all 3 high-rises (no other possible source other than an incendiary cutting charge such as Thermate)


Chemical signature of Thermate (high tech incendiary) found in slag, solidified molten metal, and dust samples by Physics professor Steven Jones, PhD.


FEMA finds rapid oxidation and intergranular melting on structural steel samples


More than 1000 Bodies are unaccounted for — 700 tiny bone fragments found on top of nearby buildings

And exhibited none of the characteristics of destruction by fire, i.e.


Slow onset with large visible deformations


Asymmetrical collapse which follows the path of least resistance (laws of conservation of momentum would cause a falling, intact, from the point of plane impact, to the side most damaged by the fires)


Evidence of fire temperatures capable of softening steel


High-rise buildings with much larger, hotter, and longer lasting fires have never “collapsed”

9/11 - Key Issue of our Time

Australian 9/11 Truth Movement Statement
11 September 2010

On May 11th Let's Take it to the Streets

Face the reality: a hidden criminal network is in charge of the so-called "democratic" industrialised nations.


In the the video at left you can see 9/11 Truthers being harassed and threatened in classic mafia style outside the newly reconstructed WTC Building 7. Are these brutal looking men wearing suits cops? I don't know.


They accuse the protesters of being terrorists, sarcastically saying that they can see wires coming out of their bags. Later the Port Authority Police arrive and the video camera is snatched from the hands of the camera man.


The kind of society in which we live is properly called cryptocracy. The word comes from ancient Greek κρυπτός (kryptós) = hidden and κραττείν (krateín) = to rule.


Educate yourself about the cryptocracy while you still can! In China the Google search engine filters out information which is deemed inappropriate for the general public. This "enhanced" version of Google could soon be rolled out globally. All that is required is a massive terrorist attack somewhere in the world. We would be told that, in order to protect us, the goverment must take away a few more of our freedoms - a fair trade-off they will say!


The "cryprocrats" responsible for 9/11 and other ongoing crimes against humanity intend to enslave us. They intend to merge the "first world" with the "third world". They intend to reduce the global population. This is their plan. Their main tools to achieve this are the creation of worldwide:

  • War
  • Famine
  • Disease
  • Poverty, Mental Illness, Drug Addiction


A study published in The Lancet found over 650,000 dead in Iraq as a result of the U.S. led war of "liberation". Those figures are more than a year old. The population of Russia is declining at a staggering rate of around 1 million per year. The population decline in Russia has occurred in parallel with the destruction of the free press through the probable murder of 220 journalists, state-sponsored terrorism, and an epidemic of alcoholism and mental illness. 


It is vitally important to get this message out on the street now - before the next false flag terror attack ushers in the full blown New World Order.


When the crackdown comes many people will be taken by surprise. They will be horrified at the routine way in which the authorities trample on the rights of citizens. They may see people being beaten or capsicum sprayed for no reason at all and be unable to do anything about it without risking the same fate. They may witness friends being detained only to disappear indefinitely and be expressly forbidden ever to tell another soul what they have seen.


They may look back nostalgically at the relative freedom we now enjoy, and say "if only we had take some action when we had the legal right and the opportunity to do so, we might have been able to prevent this..."


Join us on 11 May - at least then you can say you did something.


Rosie Interviews 9/11 First Responders On The View

Rosie hosted two chronically ill 9/11 rescue workers on the show today, one of whom burst into tears as she said:


"I am watching my friends every day dying ... every day they're dying...."


Present on the show was Dr. Jacqueline Moline, Medical Core Director of the WTC Medical Monitoring Program, who stated that at least half of the 50,000 WTC first responders now suffer chronic respiratory illness.


Even more shocking was the revelation that, until November 2006, there had been no Federal Funding provided to assist these 25,000 people, most of whom had volunteered their assistance in the aftermath of the World Trade Center collapses.


The deep sense of injustice felt by these heroes of 9/11 is made more poignant in the knowledge that, on September 18 2001, EPA Administrator Christie Whitman had stated:


"Given the scope of the tragedy from last week, I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington, D.C. that their air is safe to breath and their water is safe to drink..."


Dr. Moline said the current Federal funding of $17 million received last November was expected to run out by the end of the year, and she estimates that an ongoing $250 million per year will be required to cover treatment and monitoring.


Rosie ended the segment by saying: "Next year that's going to be a focus for me - helping the 9/11 responders."


In other news, Rosie said yesterday that she is leaving The View at the end of the year due to disagreements with her producers.

Rosie O'Donnell To Leave The View

This comes direct from Alex Jones' radio show of 25 Apr 2007. I have not yet been able to confirm the news from any other source.


According to Alex, Rosie was offered an increased salary in exchange for agreeing not to raise certain issues on the high rating daytime show The View. She declined the offer, and as a result is now off the show. If this proves to be correct it may be a major boost to the forces of 9/11 Truth - it is likely that she will be even more outspoken once she is free of the encumbrance of her position at ABC.


The planned broadcast of an episode on the plight of 9/11 first responders has already been taped. Here is Rosie's recent blog entry:


on todays taped show
which will air friday
we had two 911 first responders
both horrifically sick

their lungs no longer function
that tuesday in september
in they went to the smoking pile
inhaling the toxic mess

nearly 6 years later
these once sturdy americans
r completely disabled
unable to walk up a flight of stairs

one had an oxygen tank with him
tubes in his nose forcing air in
to destroyed lungs

there were 50 thousand people
who walked toward the fallen towers
half of them r now sick
25 thousand people

25 THOUSAND PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!

we went to commercial
an audience members stood up
holding a sears portrait studio photo
of 2 children

“these r the victims of 911 - she said crying
her hands above her head - showing the picture
my children who will b orphans -
when this disease soon kills me”

she was an EMT
another - alex coughing laboring to breathe
told his tale
and then another

truly unreal
the united states
no funding for treatment of these humans

i cried
got into my car drove away from the studio
there were 3 dozen press people waiting
cameras video crews reporters

they lept at the car
like i was brittney or lindsay
pushing flashing yelling
breaking news in america

i was the story
not them
what’s wrong with this picture
nearly everything


Beware The Limited Hangout - There is No Single Smoking Gun For 9/11 Truth

If there is one thing we should take heed of in John Kerry's casual comment regarding the possibility that WTC Building 7 was deliberately taken down in a "controlled fashion" it is this:


WTC7 may be the weakest link in the official version of events but it is not in and of itself sufficient to achieve the ultimate goal of proving 9/11 was an inside job and of overthrowing the tyrants who made it happen.


The strength of the 9/11 Truth case is in the sum total of all evidence, including motive, means and opportunity. We should strenuously reject the idea that we can "hang it all on WTC7". Very bad idea! There may well come a day when "startling new evidence" is "discovered" that WTC7 was permanently wired for demolition in order to protect top secret information in the event of war.


Granted, if and when this occurs there will be plenty of egg on the faces of people like Jim Meigs, George Monbiot and the whole rat pack of disinformation operatives. I will greatly enjoy watching their contortions as they try in vain to recover any semblance of credibility, let alone dignity, after these "revelations" are trumpeted by the Washington Post. But that is not, and never was, the main game. The disinfo operatives were always expendable. The criminals are hidden and will remain so until we smoke them out of their lairs as good ole' G.W.B. once said.


My impression from watching the video is that John Kerry, like most elites, is an ignorant ponce. He has probably been blissfully unaware these past years of the tide of dissent sweeping America, and he probably knew absolutely nothing about the 9/11 Truth Movement and its various claims.


Of course, that has all changed now, and he will most probably issue a "correction" to his earlier statement, but not too quickly, mind you.


He wouldn't want to be seen to be giving the blunder too much significance now would he?


An Air Traffic Controller Looks at the Events of 9/11

This excellent interview with pilot and former air traffic controller, Robin Hordon is a major breakthrough in dispelling the lies and deception surrounding the FAA and NORAD's response to the events of Spetember 11 2001.


Path of American Airlines Flight 77Hordon worked from 1970 - 1981 as an air traffic controller supervsing the same routes as Flights 11 and 175 which struck the World Trade Center. He discusses in detail the job and responsibilities of air traffic control, emphasising that scrambling military interceptors was a routine procedure for dealing with wayward or unresponsive aircraft, and did not require approval from the Pentagon.


Hordon is adamant that the spiralling descent (see image) of Flight 77 which allegedly struck the Pentagon merely a few feet above the ground was all but impossible aero-dynamically, and makes the further point that the complete loss of radar contact which occured during the flight for about 20 minutes destroys any certainty the aircraft which ultimately hit the Pentagon was indeed Flight 77.


Robin Hordon is a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth. Visit their website at www.pilotsfor911truth.org.


Guns And Butter also aired a companion piece to this interview on 11 April 2007. From their website:


The NORAD Tapes: Real or Faked?


Interview with Dr. David Ray Griffin regarding his most recent article, "9/11 Live or Fabricated: Do the NORAD Tapes Verify the 9/11 Commission Report?" Griffin's article, written primarily in response to Vanity Fair Magazine's, "9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes" by Michael Bronner in their September 2006 issue, deconstructs the preposterous argument that NORAD was not notified by the FAA of hijacked airliners until they had struck their targets or crashed, and that the only jets the military scrambled were in response to a flight that did not exist. Griffin takes a close look at NORAD's audio tapes, on whose authenticity these claims depend. Today's show was originally broadcast on August 30, 2006, and is being re-broadcast today as background for our upcoming programs with former Boston Center Air Traffic Controller, Robin Hordon.


I have not had a chance to listen yet. Review Please!


Anti-Semitic Associations Continue to Damage the Credibility of the 9/11 Truth Movement

It has recently come to my attention that CNN has broadcast some pieces on Jewish "9/11 Conspiracy Theories". I am not absolutely sure when these were first broadcast, because the youtube videos have been re-packaged, editorialised and titled "9/11 was a Jew Job".




The videos are very anti-semitic. They use the label "Jew" over and over again in captions which have been overlaid on the original CNN piece, a typical Nazi-style technique. Basically this is disinformation, because it taints 9/11 Truth with the stain of Nazism, anti-semitism and holocaust denial. The news piece prominently features  Eric Hufschmid who is well known as a holocaust revisionist.


Holocaust denial is NOT characteristic of the 9/11 Truth movement, and is NOT supported by editors of websites like 911truth.org, 911blogger.com or infowars.com.


I am no fan of Israel, and I do believe there may have been some Mossad involvement in 9/11 - but this is a far cry from saying "Jews did 9/11". I believe several different intelligence agencies may have participated (some perhaps unwittingly) in 9/11.


It's disappointing to have to repeat this at such a late stage, but I must emphasise that this kind of claim is incredibly damaging to our cause.


I'm totally against against any form of racial profiling, but the fact is 9/11 has nothing to do with "Jews", OK? 9/11 was carried out by power elites who don't give a damn about races, or humanity for that matter. Some of them may be ethnically Jewish, some may be "Christian", some may be "Islamic", and they often play the race card to manipulate populations, but they consider themselves to be above most of humanity. They believe they are "born to rule". One of their strategies is using ethnicity and religion to divide people, to create enmity which they can exploit.


I never mention "Zionism" in the context of 9/11. It is unnecssary and inflammatory.


I try to stick to evidence, such as the documented fact that two workers at the Odigo messaging service received warnings of the attack.


Or the Israeli "removalists" who turned out to be Mossad agents celebrating while the Twin Towers were burning.


Or the Israeli "Art Student" spy ring.


There are many mainstream references to these events which you can find by Googling the various search terms.


One thing's for sure: the mainstream will totally bury us if people continue to go on about how "Jews" did 9/11.


Project For A New American Citizen - Website And Conference

Project For A New American Citizen"PNAC" looks like an excellent initiative. This from their website:


About the PNACitizen Website


The purpose of this site is to provide both activists and truth seekers with the means to start making a change in their communities and also become informed at the same time. Other branches of PNAC have already started spreading to other universities and it is our hope to start a much larger movement on even more campuses and communities.


For activists, we intend to provide the materials necessary to get the word out about a number of different topics. Materials including fliers, DVDs, banners, stickers, and ideas about how to best implement these tools.


Our goal is also to create a visually intuitive website that lays out a variety of important topics of discussion.


We are calling on the global village of truth seekers to help us create an informative and thoroughly researched website. In addition to research help we need financial support to produce and distribute fliers, banners, dvds, etc…If you would like to see us succeed in spreading our name and message please donate with whatever means you can.










Australians Join 9/11 Truth Movement

On 11 April 2007 the Australian 9/11 Truth movement was launched. The group will henceforth assemble on the 11th day of every month at Sydney Town Hall at 11 AM.


Our aim is to share with the Australian people the substantial and growing evidence that 9/11 was a false flag operation, carried out by elements within the military industrial complex, as a pretext for the pre-planned invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.


We are opposed to Australia's involvement in the so-called "War On Terror" because it is a phony construct, driven by an agenda which in reality has nothing to do with universal human values such as freedom and democracy, but rather with profiteering and hegemonic ambitions.














Street Action - Sydney Town Hall - 11:00 AM - 11 April 2007

We Are Calling For Heroes Willing to Stand up against Big Brother!


Town Hall SydneyPlease join us at the Sydney Town Hall at 11 AM on 11 April 2007, as we are launching the Australian 9/11 Truth Movement.


We must show our government and the world that we oppose globalist tyranny, that we have figured out that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB, staged by agents within the corporatist military industrial complex with the aim of enslaving us.


Let's show them we refuse to be intimidated.


In support of our friends in the U.S. we will stage a protest on the 11th day of every month from now on.


If you live in or near Sydney this is your chance to make a difference.


Please email admin@911oz.com and let us know you're coming, or just turn up on the day.


The future is in our hands.


Petitioners in Support of Rosie O'Donnell Top 15,000 - Physicist to Present evidence of WTC-7 Demolition

Keep Rosie !A new website, keeprosie.com, launched on 4 April 2007 has collected over 6,000 signatures in support of Rosie O'Donnell, who has called for a physicist to appear on her popular morning TV show The View, to present evidence for the hypothesis that WTC Building 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition. Earlier today Alex Jones interviewed notable 9/11 activist and physicist, Professor Steven Jones, who confirmed that he has indeed received a tentative request to appear on The View.


After her on air statement neo-conservative media jocks Bill O'Reilly and Joe Scarborough immediately called for Rosie to be sacked by ABC, while one commentator called for her to be "strung up for treason". A website, stoprosie.com was launched on 30 March 2007 with the objective of convincing ABC Studios to dump Rosie.


Infowars.net yesterday launched their own pro-Rosie website, defendrosie.com, which has already garnered over 9,000 signatures. Both the pro-Rosie sites allow visitors to leave comments, which gives an indication of the authenticity of those posting. There are many long and thoughtful comments on these pages.


Rosie O'Donnell has created a storm of controversy in the U.S. media as a result of her conjecture on air last week that WTC Building 7, which collapsed in 6.6 seconds at 5:20 pm on 11 September 2001, was brought down by use of explosives.


The startling similarity between the collapse of WTC7 and controlled demolition has for years been the cornerstone of the 9/11 Truth movement's claim that 9/11 was an inside job.  Rosie's recent comments do not add anything new to this debate, however her influence as a major media celebrity has guaranteed that the key propositions of 9/11 Truth movement will now reach many new people.


A video summary of the evidence that WTC7 was deliberately demolished can be found here.


Alex Jones hinted on his radio show today that many more celebrities are on the verge of going public in support of 9/11 Truth.


This is perhaps a pivotal moment in history.