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Architects & Engineers
for 9/11 Truth

As seen in this revealing photo the Twin Towers' destruction exhibited all the characteristics of destruction by explosions:


Extremely rapid onset of “collapse”


Sounds of explosions at plane impact zone — a full second prior to collapse (heard by 118 first responders as well as by media reporters)


Observations of flashes (seen by numerous professionals)


Squibs, or “mistimed” explosions, 40 floors below the “collapsing” building seen in all the videos


Mid-air pulverization of all the 90,000 tons of concrete and steel decking, filing cabinets & 1000 people – mostly to dust


Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic dust clouds


Vertical progression of full building perimeter demolition waves


Symmetrical collapse – through the path of greatest resistance – at free-fall speed — the columns gave no resistance


1,400 foot diameter field of equally distributed debris – outside of building footprint


Blast waves blew out windows in buildings 400 feet away


Lateral ejection of thousands of individual 20 - 50 ton steel beams up to 500 feet


Total destruction of the building down to individual structural steel elements – obliterating the steel core structure.


Tons of molten Metal found by FDNY under all 3 high-rises (no other possible source other than an incendiary cutting charge such as Thermate)


Chemical signature of Thermate (high tech incendiary) found in slag, solidified molten metal, and dust samples by Physics professor Steven Jones, PhD.


FEMA finds rapid oxidation and intergranular melting on structural steel samples


More than 1000 Bodies are unaccounted for — 700 tiny bone fragments found on top of nearby buildings

And exhibited none of the characteristics of destruction by fire, i.e.


Slow onset with large visible deformations


Asymmetrical collapse which follows the path of least resistance (laws of conservation of momentum would cause a falling, intact, from the point of plane impact, to the side most damaged by the fires)


Evidence of fire temperatures capable of softening steel


High-rise buildings with much larger, hotter, and longer lasting fires have never “collapsed”

Prominent 9/11 Researchers and Whistleblowers

The following information is copied directly from wikipedia. (external link)

9/11 Family Steering Committee

The Family Steering Committee (FSC) was made up of family members who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001 and who helped bring about the creation of the 9/11 Commission. They later submitted a series of questions and provided testimony to the Commission. Most of the questions were never answered, but remain archived on the FSC website, Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission.


Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed is a media critic and human rights activist. He is executive director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development (IPRD). He is also a former Researcher at the London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC). In that capacity, his work was cited in various media outlets, including the Associated Press, The Guardian, The Independent, the Jewish Chronicle, and the London Jewish News. [1]. His book, The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001 ISBN: 0930852400, drew on Jared Israel's research, and was one of the first in print to question the official account of the September 11th Attacks. It also included an in depth critique of American foreign policy, both leading up to and following 9/11. It is one of the main works cited by David Ray Griffin in The New Pearl Harbor.


James Bamford

James Bamford is an investigative journalist, and a former Washington Investigative Producer for ABC's World News Tonight. He is the author of Body of Secrets and A Pretext for War : 9/11, Iraq, and the Abuse of America's Intelligence Agencies.[2]


Robert Bowman

Dr. Robert M. Bowman Head of Advanced Space Programs for DOD and retired Lt. Col for United States Air Force, a combat pilot who flew 101 missions in the Vietnam War. He is now a peace-activist critizising the Star-Wars-program.[3]. He has written an article What Really Happened on 9/11; Why All the Secrecy? in which he states "There are conspiracy theories flying around the internet like seagulls around a landfill. Many people are convinced that George W. Bush knew what was going to happen and purposely allowed it to happen so he and his neo-conservative buddies could have the “new Pearl Harbor” they needed to justify their wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Others go further. They are absolutely sure Cheney and company actually planned and carried out the attack (usually along with the Mossad). These folks don’t think there were ever any Arab hijackers at all. What is so disturbing is that their arguments are quite convincing. If an enormous cloud of suspicion is not to be permanently over the head of our government, the Bush Administration must “come clean,” releasing information thus far withheld from the American people."


Kristin Breitweiser

Lawyer Kristin Breitweiser is one of four widows who lost their husbands on 9/11 that formed a group known as the "Jersey Girls." They began researching the unanswered questions concerning that day and forced the Bush administration to form a commission on 9/11.[4]


Andreas von Bülow

Andreas von Bülow is a former assistant German defense minister, director of the German Secret Service and former Minister for Research and Technology in the cabinet of German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, and for 25 years an SPD member of the German parliament, has written a book called Die CIA und der 11. September (The CIA and September 11) in which he alleges US government complicity in 9/11. "Planning the attacks was a master deed, in technical and organizational terms. To hijack four big airliners within a few minutes and fly them into targets within a single hour and doing so on complicated flight routes! That is unthinkable, without backing from the secret apparatuses of state and industry." Tagesspiegel, 13. Jan. 2002 [5]


Michel Chossudovsky

In Michel Chossudovsky's book War and Globalisation: The Truth Behind September 11 ISBN 0973110902 and his more recent America's "War on Terrorism" in the wake of 9-11 ISBN 0973714719, he analyzes the September 11 attacks themselves, analyzes war and globalization in general, proposes a thesis regarding disinformation campaigns, and looks at the new world order.


Tom Flocco

Tom Flocco is an investigative journalist who suggests the CIA played a role in insider trading of "put options" on affected companies days before the attack on 9/11.[6]. Flocco's website has also been listed in "a guide to bogus 9/11 truth websites"[7].


David Ray Griffin

David Ray Griffin is a professor of philosophy of religion and theology at the Claremont School of Theology in Claremont California. He is also the author of two books on 9/11, The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9-11 (2004) ISBN 1566565529 and The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions ISBN 1566565847.

Griffin conveys the research of others supporting the ideas that the United States government was complicit in the September 11, attacks, placed explosives in the Twin Towers and that some 9/11 researchers believe something other than a commercial jet hit the Pentagon in Washington, DC.


Rodger Herbst

Rodger Herbst, bachelor of aeronautical and astronautical engineering and mechanical engineer, Has written two papers Mysteries of the Twin Towers and Notes on The 9/11 Omission Report.

”The cause of the collapse of the towers should have been thoroughly investigated and understood by now, but this is not the case. […] The Official Story has it that the impact of commercial aircraft, and the ensuing fire caused by aircraft fuel led to the collapse of WTC 1 and 2, the North and South World Trade Center Towers, on September 11 2001. This Official Story, supported by the mainstream US media, and all Bush administration approved “investigations,” leaves a number of issues un-addressed and unresolved. Information from a number of sources is brought together here to help clarify the issue of the collapse of the towers.”


Jim Hoffman

Jim Hoffman analyzes the collapses of the WTC Twin Towers and WTC Building 7, as described on his website 911research.wtc7.net. Hoffman is co-author, with Don Paul, of the book Waking Up From Our Nightmare: The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City[8] ISBN 0943096103. Some of his more popular analysis papers include The Pentagon No-757-Crash Theory: Booby Trap for 9/11 Skeptics, his reponse to Popular Mechanics [9], and his review of the Final Report on the Collapses of the WTC towers by NIST, Building a Better Mirage. Hoffman's research was also used in the Steven E. Jones paper Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?


Daniel Hopsicker

Daniel Hopsicker runs the site Mad Cow Morning News [10] and is the author of the book Welcome to Terrorland: Mohamed Atta & the 9.11 Cover-up in Florida ISBN 0970659164.


Jared Israel

Jared Israel was one of the first researchers to question the timeliness of the US Air Force response on 9/11, and began publishing his critiques online shortly after the attacks. In addition to his website "The Emperor's New Clothes" [11], Jared is also working to publish his book Who did it? Solving the mystery of 9-11. His work has been cited by many subsequent researchers. Notably, unlike many other researchers, who either oppose or do not speak about the state of Israel, Jared actively supports Zionism.


Alex Jones

Alex Jones, a documentary film producer, journalist, and radio host credits himself with predicting the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and its responsibility officially being laid with Osama Bin Laden months before it happened. Jones believes that the U.S. government sponsored the 9/11 attacks in order to usher in a police state. Among the notable people he has interviewed: Representative Ron Paul, journalist Greg Palast, former Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution Paul Craig Roberts, Bev Harris, Former 27 year CIA member Ray McGovern, former Minister for Research and Technology in Germany, Andreas von Bülow and chief prosecutor for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, David Schippers.


Steven E. Jones

Steven E. Jones, a professor of physics at Brigham Young University has investigated the hypothesis that the World Trade Center Twin Towers and WTC 7, which all collapsed nearly symmetrically on September 11, 2001, were brought down by pre-positioned explosives, as explained in his paper Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?. Jones appeared on the Tucker Carlson show on MSNBC to explain his hypothesis and is the first 9/11 researcher to have a paper peer reviewed. Although the term cold fusion was coined by Jones, his experimental work was significantly different than the more controversial cold fusion experiments of Pons and Fleischmann. He is a cofounder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.


John Judge

John Judge is a researcher and co-founder of 911 Citizens Watch, a grassroots watchdog group guided by the 9/11 Families Advisory Group. It was set up to demand transparency and a thorough investigation by the National Commission on Terrorist Acts Upon the United States. It succeeded in forcing the commission to address many issues they would not have included otherwise.


Peter Lance

Peter Lance is an investigative reporter, a former ABC News correspondent, and a five-time Emmy-winner. [12] He is the author of Cover Up : What the Government Is Still Hiding About the War on Terror ISBN 0060543558. While this book does not state a conclusion that 9/11 was either carried out, or allowed to happen, by people within the US government, he cites much of the same evidence as those that who have come to those conclusions, such as the lack of a timely airforce response. Lance is harshly critical of what he views as a coverup by the official 9/11 Commission, unexplained inconsistencies in the official accounts, and obstruction by the Bush administration and Federal Government.


Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs is the author of Inside Job, Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies ISBN 1579830137.


Michael Meacher

Michael Meacher UK Minister of Environment (1997 - 2003) has published an essay “The War on Terrorism is Bogus.” in The Guardian, September 6, 2003. “The war on terrorism is a smoke screen and that the US knew in advance about the September 11 attack on New York but, for strategic reasons, chose not to act on the warnings. He says the US goal is ‘world hegemony, built around securing by force command over the oil supplies’ and that this Pax Americana ‘provides a much better explanation of what actually happened before, during and after 9/11 than the global war on terrorism thesis.’ Mr. Meacher adds that the US has made ‘no serious attempt’ to catch the al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden.” and ”The conclusion of all this analysis must surely be that the "global war on terrorism" has the hallmarks of a political myth propagated to pave the way for a wholly different agenda - the US goal of world hegemony, built around securing by force command over the oil supplies required to drive the whole project. ”


Peter Meyer

Peter Meyer is the author of the Serendipity website. The first version of his World Trade Center Demolition article appeared there two days after 9/11. Since then he has published on Serendipity numerous other 9/11-related articles, both by himself and by others, in particular his lengthy Reply to Popular Mechanics re 9/11. Meyer presents persuasive evidence that the official "19 Arab hijackers" explanation for the events of 9/11 cannot be true, and provides an alternative explanation for why the attacks occurred. However, Meyer's site also features claims of which many in the 9/11 movement do not agree, such as the idea that commercial jets did not hit the WTC towers, but instead, something else caused the destruction and fake canisters of debris were ejected out of the towers when the planes impacted the towers.


Thierry Meyssan

Thierry Meyssan a French political activist and author of the book L'Effroyable Imposture (The Frightening Fraud) ISBN 1592090265. He was one of the first to suggest a truck bomb or a missile--instead of a plane--hit the Pentagon, but he did not travel from Paris to Washington to interview any of the eyewitnesses. Many other researchers have come to the conclusion that this was an effort to distract from undisputed evidence such as the fact the Pentagon was struck in the mostly empty, under "reconstruction" part, which minimized casualties (thousands could have been killed if any other "wedge" had been hit).


John Newman

John Newman spent 21 years in Army Intelligence and served as Assistant to the Director of the National Security Agency. He also served as an attaché in China. He is a history professor at UMD and has been teaching courses on counterterrorism for 10 years. Newman's writings are widely published. Newman is working on a manuscript about the events leading up to 9/11. In his contribution and Errors in the Commission's Final Report at the Rep. McKinney 9/11 Congressional Briefing he stated "It falls to me this morning to bring to your attention the story of Saeed Sheikh, whose full name is Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, and his astonishing rise to power in Al Qaeda, his crucial role in 9/11, which is completely, utterly, missing from the 9/11 Commission report…and also to deal with what US Intelligence knew about his links to the ISI, (Pakistani Intelligence), and what, if anything, was said or not said in the Commission report about these things."


Don Paul

Don Paul is the author of the book 9/11, Facing our Fascist State [13] (ASIN B0006S7LS0). The book examines questions about the destruction of the Twin Towers and building WTC 7 and discusses World Trade Center ownership and insurance coverage. Paul is also the co-author, with Jim Hoffman, of the book Waking Up From Our Nightmare: The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City [14] ISBN 0943096103.


Michael C. Ruppert

Michael C. Ruppert is a former narcotics investigator for the LAPD and the author of CROSSING THE RUBICON: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. Ruppert claims the Bush Administration had advance knowledge of the September 11th terrorist attacks. In his book "Crossing the Rubicon" ISBN 0865715408 he names Vice President Dick Cheney as the prime suspect in 9/11 and alleges that on the day of the attacks the Vice President was running a command and control communications system which superseded orders being issued by the FAA, the Pentagon, and the White House Situation Room.


Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Scholars for 9/11 Truth or S9/11T is an association of academics dedicated to "exposing falsehoods and to revealing truths behind 9/11". The association was founded by Jim Fetzer and Steven E. Jones. "S9/11T members are convinced their research proves the current administration has been dishonest about what happened in New York and Washington, D.C." and the group call for verification and publication by an international consortium. [15] [16] Article in Miami Herald


Peter Dale Scott

Peter Dale Scott a former Canadian diplomat and emeritus English Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Scott is currently completing a book with the working title The Road To 9/11. He has made numerous presentations with researchers such as Michael Ruppert and has published numerous books on politics since the 1970s, one notable example being Deep Politics and the Death of JFK ISBN 0520205197. He made a contribution for Rep. McKinneys' 9/11 Congressional Briefing titled in Historical Perspective: Flawed AssumptionsThis paper centers around the connections between Al Qaeda and the CIA.


Webster G. Tarpley

Webster G. Tarpley has published 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA ISBN 0930852311 in which he starts from the official story of 9-11 - nineteen Arab hijackers, al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, the laptop in the cave in Afghanistan - and aims to show that this story is a myth fabricated during the ten days after 9-11 by media leaks from George Tenet and Richard Clarke, remarks by Colin Powell, and Bush's September 20 address to Congress. Tarpley's analysis is shown in the historical context of terrorism.


Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson is the author of The Terror Timeline, A Comprehensive Chronicle of the Road to 9/11 and America's Response ISBN 0060783389. Thompson wrote his book with the help of the Center for Cooperative Research. [17]


Barrie Zwicker

Barrie Zwicker is a Canadian journalist who was one of the first from the mainstream press to go public with his opinion that 9-11 was an inside job. He has spoken at numerous venues and published two videos on the subject: The Great Deception in early 2002, and The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw.


Other notable people questioning the common account of 9/11


  • Kevin Ryan of Underwriters Laboratories, the company that certified the steel components used in the construction of the World Trade Center towers, has written "This story just does not add up. If steel from those buildings did soften or melt, I’m sure we can all agree that this was certainly not due to jet fuel fires of any kind, let alone the briefly burning fires in those towers."

  • Referring to Bush’s efforts to obstruct the 9/11 Commission’s access to critical documents, Senator Max Cleland said "disgusting . . . a scam. Americans are being scammed."

  • Rep. Ron Paul has written "The 9-11 Commission report is several hundred pages worth of recommendations to make government larger and more intrusive."

  • Rep. Cynthia McKinney is calling for an investigation into whether President Bush and other government officials had advance notice of terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 but did nothing to prevent them.

  • After the attacks, David Schippers, the chief prosecutor for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, declared that he had received warnings from FBI agents six weeks earlier which included the dates and targets of the attacks. Schippers claims the FBI agents came to him because FBI headquarters had blocked their investigations and threatened them with prosecution if they went public with their information. Schippers reports that he tried to contact Attorney General John Ashcroft about this matter but Ashcroft repeatedly refused to return his calls.

  • In an article by William Norman Griggby called "Did We Know What Was Coming?" that was published in The John Birch Society'sThe New American, Grigg states that according to three FBI agents he interviewed, "the information provided to Schippers was widely known within the FBI before September 11."

  • Half (49.3%) of New York City residents and 41% of New York citizens overall said that some of our leaders "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act," according to the poll conducted by Zogby International from Tuesday August 24 through Thursday August 26, 2004.

  • Hunter S. Thompson "Well I saw that the US government was going to benefit, and the White House people, the republican administration to take the mind of the public off of the crashing economy. [...] I have spent enough time on the inside of, well in the White House and you know, campaigns and I've known enough people who do these things, think this way, to know that the public version of the news or whatever event, is never really what happened. " Interwieved by Mick O'Regan, August 2002 [18]

  • Journalist Greg Palast stated that “There is no question we had what looked like the biggest failure of the intelligence community since Pearl Harbor but what we are learning now is it wasn't a failure, it was a directive. Now I am not part of the conspiracy nut crowd that believes George Bush came up with a plan for an attack on the United States to save his popularity. There is no evidence of that. That is completely outside of any evidence I have seen. But what we find is something that, in a way, where the effect is just the same -- and it's chilling. Which is that they blinded the intelligence agencies and said you cannot look at the Saudis. Now the question is why . . .” [19]

  • Former Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution Paul Craig Roberts stated ”I guess the real story about 9/11 is about what the people are actually saying. I’ve gotten hundreds of emails in response to my columns and many of them talk about not getting the truth from the government or the media about what really happened at the World Trade Center. I know many qualified engineers and scientists have said the WTC collapsed from explosives. In fact, if you look at the manner in which it fell, you have to give their conclusions credibility.” "Who will save America" Counterpunch, feb. 6th, 2005

  • Former 27 year CIA member Ray McGovern, Asst. Secretary of Housing in the first Bush administration Catherine Austin Fitts, 2004 Republican Party Presidential nominee John Buchanan and former military analyst and author Daniel Ellsberg and Ralph Nader together with 95 other prominent Americans signed a statement on Oct 27, 2004 in which they ask twelve questions and demand a full independent investigation lead by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. [20]