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John Bursill on 9/11 truth, racism and politics

26 August 2010 | Permalink | comments: 7

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Tonight it is my pleasure to have John Bursill back on the show.

As well as being a passionate 9/11 truther and peace activist John also has a strong interest in indigenous issues and human rights abuses in Australia. Tonight he brings us the shocking story of a racially motivated killing which took place in the Northern Territory in 2009 - a story which has had little exposure in the media but clearly reveals the dark underbelly of racism in this country.

Kwementyaye Ryder, a 33 year-old Aboriginal man, was bashed to death by five young, local, white men as he walked home in the early morning hours of July 25 2009. The initial charges of murder were reduced to manslaughter and Chief Justice Martin, who had earlier criticised Aboriginal culture for not respecting the justice system, delivered sentences ranging from just twelve months to four years.

During the show we bring you, as usual, a variety of breaking news stories.

We cover in detail the bombshell story of an FBI whistle blower who has revealed new evidence about the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. The Kennedy assassination remains one of the most important unsolved crimes of the modern age, and the events provide a very interesting parallel with 9/11 in terms of the way an inside job was pulled off and then covered up through collusion between government and corporate media. The cover up was achieved largely by the framing of a patsy (Lee Harvey Oswald) which deflected attention away from a proper forensic investigation and provided the uncomprehending public with a convenient villain upon which to focus their rage and need for retribution.

The new evidence brought forward by retired FBI agent Don Adams adds to a mountain of evidence which conflicts with the official findings of the Warren Commission that Oswald acted alone in killing Kennedy.


During the show we also announce a 9/11 truth protest which will be held outside the War Memorial in Sydney's Hyde Park on 11 September 2010 - all welcome.

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I’ve just been listening to your latest podcast, your interview with John Bursill is excellent, bloody brilliant ... I love you guys, you’re inspiring. Great show, Hereward, thanks a lot.

By John Scrivener on 2010 08 26 - 19:25:16

I’m an interstate truckie and regular listener to your shows, just wanted to say keep up the great work, its waking up alot of people, I reckon you blokes are awesome…

By John on 2010 08 26 - 20:15:30

Thanks for your encouragement. It is great to know that people are listening.<br><br>cheers (:

By Hereward on 2010 08 26 - 22:36:44

Is there still an ongoing enquiry into Port Arthur conspiracy

By G.Busby on 2010 08 27 - 08:28:23

[...] Latest from TNRA http://www.truthnews.com.au/radio/wordpress/?p=1725 [...]

By Globalist Weekly News « Stuart Edwards New W on 2010 08 27 - 21:52:50

thats an [incredible|unbeleivable|amazing] [picture|pic|photo]

By Casey Cairns on 2010 12 07 - 20:14:17

watch Dark Legacy for a very informative account of the who and why behind JFK assination

By The Watcher on 2011 10 28 - 12:24:19

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